Almost-Love Stories, A Collection” – E-Book by Thought Catalog [2014]


“A Woman’s Body is a Mystery, Except for Mine” – Ellipsis Zine FORTHCOMING [September 2017]
Women Like Us” – Great Weather for MEDIA, Print FORTHCOMING [August 2017]
“Cherry Popsicles” – The Oleander Review, Print [Spring 2017]
Muscle Memory” – The Vignette Review [Winter 2016 Issue]
Versions of Ourselves” – Chicago Literati [December 2016]
Yellow Christmas Lights” – Not Mad [October 2016]
“Mother’s Garden” – Xylem Literary Magazine, Print [April 2016]
This Isn’t Real” – WhiskeyPaper [December 2015]
Cartography of a Girl” – Synaesthesia Magazine  [October 2015]
Everything Dies in the Fall” – The Vignette Review  [September 2015]
Before the Drought, and After” – Visual Verse [July 2015]
Afterward” – Visual Verse [June 2015]
Mama” – Visual Verse [May 2015]
Marylou” – Vagabonds: Anthology of the Mad Ones [May 2014 issue]
“Nostalgia” – Stache Magazine No. 13 [December-January 2013]


Finding Truth and Story in Creative Nonfiction” – Synaesthesia Magazine [June 2017]
Glorify My Bones” – Burrow Press [January 2016]

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