“Versions of Ourselves” in Chicago Literati

“Versions of Ourselves” has been published as a part of Chicago Literati’s “Existentialism” Issue.


The day Dad left, I came home from school to find my mom and Aunt Kelly smoking cigarettes in the kitchen and drinking red wine.” Read more here.


“This Isn’t Real” on WhiskeyPaper

My God, I love WhiskeyPaperI’m so incredibly honored to have a story on their site. Seriously, so. honored.



Once, when I was younger, I read that twins often have the same dreams. Jimmy and I had tried it, of course. We’d hold hands as we fell asleep, thinking this would strengthen our mental connection, or something. In the mornings, we’d compare our dreams. He’d tell these wild and vivid tales of monsters or motorcycle gangs. He’d tell me how he leapt from cloud to cloud in his dreams, not afraid of falling. Every morning, he’d tell me this, and every morning, my answer was the same: “I don’t remember.”


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“Cartography of a Girl” in Synaesthesia Magazine

Very, very honored to be a part of Synaesthesia’s ATLAS issue. A lot of love from a lot of talented people went into this beauty.

Art work by Nick Coad
Art work by Nick Coad


That’s how it always was—me, trying to make connections visible, trying to be a map that Daddy could look at, and always, eventually, having the lines scrubbed away.

When I was older, and Dad was gone, I became a different kind of map, made entirely of boys who had visited me.

Read the rest of “Cartography of a Girl” as well as the entire ATLAS issue here.

“Everything Dies in the Fall” in The Vignette Review


The fall issue of The Vignette Review is out, and included amongst wonderful pieces by very talented writers, is my short story entitled “Everything Dies in the Fall.”


I remember one day, as we were running through the corn field, I commented on how pretty the stalks looked, and how I wished things could stay like that forever.

“They can’t,” Junior remarked. “Everything dies in the fall.”

And then we kept on searching for the missing girls.

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