17 Favorites from 2017

Because I’m cheesy and like lists, here are my 17 favorite stories from 2017 (including my favorite of mine):


“Arlene” by Libby Flores at Paper Darts

“Life, Without” by Lynsey Morandin at Jellyfish Review

“Woman of the Century” by Claire Polders in matchbook

“In a Chapel Built of Trees” by Robert James Russell in b(OINK)

“To Be Devoured” by Maddie Anthes in Jellyfish Review

“The Only Living Girl in a Rock Opera” by Hannah Cohen in Luna Luna 

“Grace” by Brandon Taylor in The Rumpus

“What a Headless Boy Would See” by Cathy Ulrich in jmww

“V-Card” by Meghan Phillips in Paper Darts

“What the Water Took” by Annabelle Carvell in wildness

“Life, Redacted” by Marsha McSpadden in Necessary Fiction

“The Possible Causes of Your Suffering” by Mercedes Lucero in Paper Darts 

“Whispering Against the Wind” by Mary Lynn Reed in formercactus 

“Night Call” by Jennifer Todhunter in Ellipsis Zine

“Twelve Things Only the Mosquitoes Know” by Kathryn McMahon in Cease, Cows

“The Whole Word is a Desert” by Lori Sambol Brody in The Rumpus

And, finally, last but not least, a favorite of my own from this year:

“My Body is a Destroyer” in b(OINK)


“All The Best People Die Young” published at Lost Balloon

This is my last piece of 2017! Can’t wait to see what 2018 has in store.


One night, she wanted to become blood sisters, so we sliced into our palms and held hands until it ran red down our arms. When we let go, you couldn’t tell which blood was whose, and Callie said this was the whole point.

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See you in 2018!