A Warm Welcome From Midwestern Gothic!

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Midwestern Gothic welcomes its summer interns (I’m one of them!) here.


Real Talk: How It Feels (to live with anxiety)


Snippet from my latest Real Talk article. I’m talking anxiety, and what it feels like to live with it.

I’m not like this all the time. Some days, I am able to get out of bed. I am able to talk to my roommates with ease, and I’m able to go out into the world without being afraid of it. Just not as often as I’d like.

If you want to read more, click here.

“Mama” on Visual Verse

So, Visual Verse is this amazing website that supplies you with an image to base your short-short around. I recently discovered it, and I’m already in love. I wrote a piece for them, supplied with this image:

visual verse

(Image by Megan Archer)

“Once the doctors told Pa that Mama was brain dead, he started drinking an awful lot. I’d come home from school, sweat rolling down my back from the hot September sun, and the whole place would smell like bourbon. One time—the only time there was even a drop left—I put the bottle to my lips to understand what it was like to be an adult. I’ll never forget the taste.”

Check out the full piece: “Mama“.

Midwestern Gothic

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I am absolutely thrilled to be interning for Midwestern Gothic this summer. The first time I heard about the journal, I was with my writing club, last winter. It seemed strange to me, at first: who would want to write about the Midwest?

As I started buying copies and reading them, however, I recognized myself in the stories. I suddenly saw how influential the Midwest is in my own writing. Nearly all  of my characters grew up in the Midwest. More than half of the stories themselves take place in Michigan.

I guess you can take the girl out of the Midwest, but you can’t take the Midwest out of the girl.

(That’s incredibly cheesy.)

Stay tuned for updates, and learn more about Midwestern Gothic here.